Free Spin Bonuses

With literally thousands of online casinos operating all over the world, the online casino industry has become one of the most competitive industries operating on the Internet. With tens of billions of dollar on the line every year, each casino is looking for some type of advantage or way to convince players to come join its site. They usually accomplish this with welcome bonus offerings and ongoing bonus promotions.

Types of Bonuses
Generally, every online casino offers its version of a welcome aboard bonus based on the player’s first deposits or series of deposits. While most of these bonuses carry some kind of a matching bonus in cash to be used throughout the casino, some slot centric sites like to boost its offers by throwing in some free spins on video slots. Notably, free spin bonuses tend to be directed towards a designated game, which has a low “return to player” percentage or is being used to promote a new or popular game.

For established players, a larger group of online casinos will use free spins as a way to reward loyal players or to keep existing players coming back for more. It’s quite common to see online casinos using a specific day of the week or month as it free spins giveaway day. The slot business is heavy and players seem to appreciate the opportunity to get a little something going for free.

More About Free Spin Bonuses
Each and every free spin bonuses has something about it that is unique, whether it be how the free spins are to be allocated, what games they are directed towards, how many free spins are in the offering or the specific terms and conditions. If players want more information about online casinos and the respective current offerings, they can always visit an online gambling website.

The number of free spins awarded usually ranges between 10, up to as high a 200 with some of the more competitive online casinos. They might be allocated over several days or as one lump sum. Regardless of how they are given and used, it’s the terms and conditions that will typically determine just how good an offer in going to be in the long run.

Terms and Conditions
There are two ways an online casino can affect the actual value of a free spins bonus. First, they can restrict the amount of money that can be won. For instance, it’s quite possible a player will hit a meaty jackpot, even a progressive jackpot, but won’t get the opportunity to enjoy the full amount because the terms and conditions limit the amount that can be earned to say $200.

The other way they make it difficult for players to turn winnings into real cash for withdraw is through the use of a rollover requirement. If a player wins $200 with a rollover requirement of 40x (industry norm), they would have to wager $8,000 throughout the casino before any leftover winnings become eligible to be withdrawn or deposited into the player’s real cash account.

Setting aside restrictions and rollover requirements, a free spin is a free spin. The opportunity to win money risk-free should never be ignored.


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